To enlighten our village people with precise knowledge for:


Better Living 

  • Economy house with maximum use of natural resources
  • Pure drinking water
  • Eco-toilet
  • Use of Solar System for Home, Schools, Libraries, irrigation and  other possible areas.


More Productivity

  • In agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Cattle / Dairy farming
  • Poultry /Duck / bird farming


Creating Job opportunity in following sectors:


  • In agriculture / fisheries / dairy / poultry firms
  • Small scale cottage industry
  • Education & Health Sector
  • ICT Sector


Making village people fit for job through:


  • Vocational Training Centers
  • Libraries
  • Computer training Centers
  • Involve in pilot projects


Making bridge of co-operation:

  • Between Villagers and Non-resident villagers living other cities of Bangladesh and abroad to make their own village self-reliant, educated, healthy and peaceful through meaningful co-operation.
  • Relevant organizations engaged or provide support to similar type of development work either from Bangladesh or any part of world will be encouraged to support the initiative.
  • The project activities will start from Bangladesh but ultimately will be for any villagers around the world to lead better life gaining practical and precise knowledge for development.
  • To have peaceful environment for rural life regardless of religion, caste and social status




  • The web portal will have the data (information) of villagers about particular need of particular person at particular time.
  • It will have data of those who want to help the villagers; either they are resident or non-resident of the village.
  • The portal will have all necessary useful information to help the villagers leading everyday life.
  • The web portal will serve as a KNOWLEDGE BASE on agricultural, fisheries, poultry, cattle / dairy farming, economy housing, sanitation, health care, education, social and religious matters.
  • The content type will be in text, image, animation, audio, video format for easy understanding.
  • The information can be viewed through mobile, PC, Laptop, Tablet etc. by internet connectivity - which is common and expanding fast in our country.

Contact details will be inserted gradually of the person(s) or organization(s) willing to support the villagers or the development work of the village in following sectors:

  • Education
  • Services of any kind
  • Employment (in cities of BD & abroad)
  • Create opportunity for Local Employment
  • Health services
  • Financial support / Donation
  • By advice / by any kind of support for project's success
  • Help to build Infra-structure
  • By other possible means



A local Committee will be formed consisting 5~7 members selecting from local and non residents villagers. 

There will also be an Advisory Committee to guide the Local Committee perform their duties well.

The Local Committee will be responsible for following tasks:


  • Will act to make linkage between the resident and non resident villagers. Committee members will be aware of or will know the need of a particular villager at particular time to solve it.
  • They will solve the issue by taking support from the residentand non resident villagers who already have informed their intention to help different sectors. The database of this portal will help the committee to work as efficient Match -Maker.
  • Any new idea, technology that can help to improve infra-structure of the villages and villagers will be always loved and welcome.
  • Will assist for meaningful implementation of the support process already provided to person(s) concerned.
  • Will monitor the process at each stage for in- time completion of the task in efficient manner.
  • Planning the appropriate strategies to develop infra-structure and to implement it with support from concerned people



  • To make low cost house in village (utilizing natural resources as much as possible)
  • To introduce eco-toilet 
  • Substitute for Electricity
  • Solar Energy / Wind mill – to provide electricity to the village
  • Increase present agricultural production in manifold
  • Irrigation by Solar energy
  • Expand fisheries project
  • To increase productivity in Dairy / Cattle / Poultry farming

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